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In a landscape where the expansion of data continuously challenges businesses, the human element remains irreplaceable at the core. We believe that artificial intelligence will bridge human intuition and data-driven decision making


Digital Comfort Factory unravels the complexity of data to empower your business. Our mission is to build bridges between people and information. This results in enhanced digital comfort which is crucial for the success of every organization

The team behind your Comfort
Tim Govaert

Tim Govaert

General Management

peter vervloedt

Peter Vervloedt

Research & Development

Hans Demeyer

Hans Demeyer

Sales & Marketing

Dennis G

Dennis Grieten

Development Lead

Liam Dielen


Account Management

The ultimate AI bridge between untapped data and human intuition

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  • Secure and compliant
  • Leads to unprecedented customer success
  • Saves valuable time and money
  • Lightspeed time to deliver
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