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The ultimate AI bridge between untapped data and human intuition

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A Comfort Cube is a tailored AI solution designed for companies to act like a chatbot but is based only on the content provided by the company and has a pre-programmed behavior or role. Examples of applications include helpdesk conversational agents, sales information providers, and educational personal professor chatbots.

Basically you can consider ComfortCube as your own PrivateGPT: an AI-driven intelligent solution that is based only on your data. As a result you are sure about the quality and coherence of the output according to your needs. ComfortCube uses both commercial as open source Large Language Models tailored to each scenario to optimise result and reduce cost.

The ComfortCubes are a safe and compliant alternative to public LLMs incl ChatGPT, Bard or Claude. Your data remains in your hands. The ComfortCubes can be installed in your tenants.

Getting started with your ComfortCube is a simple Three-step Process:

  1. Delimit the data you want to use
  2. Have us develop your P.O.C. at a very affordable rate
  3. Test, approve and start your subscription and enjoy the gains

ComfortCubes are conversational agents that in the current state accept input via keyboard. our roadmap includes developments for voice support

No. ComfortCubes are licensed per user or per company, independent of the number of enquiries your ComfortCube may receive. We are able to provide this predictable price model by design. 

The content for the Comfort Cube is provided entirely by the company. We create the AI solution based on the content and behavior specified by the company. 

we provide Comfort Cubes in a secure and private way. We do not use any data to train our own models and can run on our cloud or even on-premise at the customer site. Your Data is stored in a private Cloud environment.

The applications for Comfort Cubes are endless. Examples include but are not limited to: support or helpdesk conversational agents, sales information providers, and educational personal chatbots. 

Yes, Comfort Cubes can be integrated with a wide range of applications and platforms. 


Yes, Comfort Cubes can be accessed on any device with internet access, including mobile devices. 

No, you do not need any special technical skills or expertise to use Comfort Cubes. We provide a user-friendly interface and complete support to help you get started and use the service effectively. 

Yes, you can customize the Comfort Cube according to your brand identity, including logo, colors, and other branding elements. 

Yes, Comfort Cubes are designed to be scalable and can be expanded to meet the growing needs of your business.

Yes, Comfort Cubes can be developed in multiple languages based on your requirements. 

Yes, Comfort Cube can be deployed both on-premise and on the cloud based on your requirements.

The cost of Comfort Cube varies based on your requirements and the scale of implementation. Please contact us for a detailed quote. 

The ultimate AI bridge between untapped data and human intuition

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  • Secure and compliant
  • Leads to unprecedented customer success
  • Saves valuable time and money
  • Lightspeed time to deliver
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