Digital Comfort Index (DCI)

Your Comprehensive Guide to Navigating the Digital Transformation Landscape


What is the Digital Comfort Index?

Developed in a research partnership with KU Leuven , the Digital Comfort Index is a revolutionary tool designed to measure the comfort and well-being of employees as they navigate the complexities of digital transformation. What sets DCI apart is its predictive analytics feature, which forecasts potential dropouts due to stress-induced absenteeism or job turnover.

Why Mental Well-being Matters in the Digital Revolution?

In this era of unparalleled technological advancement, the importance of mental well-being in the workplace is more critical than ever before. The Digital Comfort Index (DCI) comes at a pivotal time, offering a lens to chart the often-overlooked mental implications of digital transformation. Your organization’s digital journey is about more than just technology; it’s about people.

Why DCI?

We’re living in a world where digital transformation is no longer an option but a necessity. While existing metrics offer insight into organizational and operational aspects, none provide a comprehensive view of employees’ mental well-being during this transition. DCI fills this void by connecting digital workload factors with known organizational stress factors.

What does DCI Measure?

The DCI focuses on Five Digital Stress Factors, and distinguishes between personal and organizational stress:

  1. Internal Communication: Evaluates the quality and quantity of communication within the organization.
  2. External Communication: Examines interactions with external entities like suppliers and customers.
  3. Searching & Saving: Looks into the stress associated with information retrieval and storage.
  4. Creating & Editing: Assesses stress levels related to information generation and modification.
  5. Planning & Analyzing: Gauges the stress stemming from planning and analytical tasks.

What's in the DCI Final Report?

Once you complete the DCI survey, you will receive a comprehensive final report. This report will not only give you a score but also specific recommendations and actionable insights based on your responses.

View a Sample of the DCI Final Report

What's in it for who?

  • Employees: Acquire a detailed understanding of what drives your stress and how to manage it effectively.
  • HR Professionals: Gain a consolidated view of potential job turnovers and absenteeism, thereby allowing for proactive policy adjustments.
  • Training & Coaching Units: Develop tailored programs based on DCI insights to equip employees with necessary skills and coping mechanisms.
  • IT Departments: Implement a human-centric approach to digital transformation initiatives, driving both efficiency and employee well-being.
  • Board of Directors: Incorporate employee well-being into your corporate branding strategy alongside other key performance indicators.
  • Clients and Customers: Enjoy superior service quality from a digitally comfortable, stress-managed workforce.

DCI Implementation: Choose Your Best Fit:

  • Standard Survey: Purchase credits and have your employees take the standard DCI survey.
  • Customized Survey: Tailor the DCI to your specific needs while maintaining the integrity of the core survey structure.
  • Certified Partner: Fully customize the DCI offering to align seamlessly with your corporate identity and objectives.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Your journey towards achieving a balanced, stress-free digital work environment starts here. 
Begin with our teaser survey to get immediate insights into your stress levels and added value, and then dive into the full questionnaire.

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The start of your Digital Comfort Journey

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